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Online house valuations do not take into account the unique features of your property. This is why it is wise to speak to one of our property specialists. They can discover what unique features and benefits your property has and offer a more accurate ‘For Sale’ marketing appraisal.
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Frequently Asked Questions about house valuations

How do online house valuations work?

Online house valuation software uses a range of data such as location and previous sales data to provide a general price guide. Online house valuations.

How accurate is an online house valuation?

All online house valuations should be taken as a general guide only.  
Online house valuation software will take various data such as recent and historical house sales in the area. You could always get a more accurate valuation from one of our professional staff who would be delighted to help you.

Why you could also get a house valuation from a property specialist

It’s important to get the opinion of a property specialist as well as an online valuation because online valuation software does not take into account any unique features or benefits of your property. You may have a particular feature that increases the value which an online tool cannot identify.
My Online Estate Agent will help to give you a valuation on your property just like the high street does.

Are your online house valuations free?

Yes. Our house sale and let marketing appraisals are completely free of charge.

Will My Online Estate Agent provide a free house valuation?

We will not come out and visit the property, but we can offer advice on the ‘For Sale’ marketing appraisal of your property.