Sell My House with My Online Estate Agent

My Online Estate Agent is due to launch its full estate agency service at the end of April!

For a one off fee you will be able advertise your property for sale or for rent on the UK’s leading property portfolios including Rightmove, Zoopla, Prime Location and Find a Property. As you pay a one off fee it means you get to keep 100% of the sale or rental price.

How does it work?

My Online Estate Agent operates just the same way a traditonal estate agent works. An agent will visit your property to take professional photographs, a floor plan, valuation and a property description. Your property will the be marketed on the above mentioned property portals and field all enquiries from interested parties. Serious leads will be passed on to you and viewings arranges. My Online Estate Agent handles all offers and assists in the negotiation process. Apart from not having  an expensive high street office there really is no difference to a traditonal estate agent accept that you can save thousands of pounds in commission fees!

How can My Online Estate Agent afford to offer the Service at such a Low Price?

Unlike traditonal estatate agents, My Online Estate Agent does not have the huge overheads that come with a prime location high street shop. Furthermore, My Online Estate Agent covers the whole of the UK meaning it instructs on a far higher number of properties than a local estate agent. As the volume of business it does is greater My Online Estate Agent can afford to make less profit per property.

How can I sell or Let my Property with my Online Estate Agent?

Simple click here to check out both sales and letting packages!