CEO of My Online Estate Agent, David Grundy was featured in the latest, Yours Magazine. The article titled ‘How To Sell Your Home In A Fortnight’, provided readers with expert quick win tips on how to achieve a fast property sale.

‘Focus on the positive things such as how you’ve loved living there and all of the happy memories.’

Within the text David was quoted multiple times giving readers advice on the best practices to implement during the viewing process to ensure it is a welcoming, attractive and enjoyable experience for potential buyers.

Always show your living room first. It is, after all, one of the rooms that we use the most, and it’s a nice welcome to the house.

He provided simple but highly useful tips throughout the piece, offering insight into the best time of year to sell your house and the appearance issues you need to tackle. You can read more of David’s top tips online here in our news section:

‘Spring and Summer are generally the best times to sell.’

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