With an estimated 42% of marriages in the UK ending in divorce it is becoming a common occurrence that couples are looking to selling their property in order to finalise their separation. It is an extremely difficult time for both the families and individuals that are affected but what can be more unsettling is not knowing what to do next.

Here at My Online Estate Agent we have created a guide that will help you through this tough period. The downloadable PDF below, provides clarity on what you will need to consider, answers to the questions you want to know and more importantly, it addresses the matter head on explaining your options following the break.

Please take the time to read the guide, we hope it helps and if you need any more advice on your next steps then please get in touch.

Inside the PDF you can read about a number of different issues such as mutual sales, one party buying the other out as well as future considerations including mortgage solutions. Read more here: Moving Due to Separation or Divorce – MOEA

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