Which are the Best Areas to Live in London for 25 to 35 Year Olds

So you hit 25 years old, you’ve graduated but for the last 3 years you’ve found yourself living with your parents. You sleep in the single bed that you have slept in since you were ten years old and you decide its about time to man up and move out into the real world!

London is a big scary place though and although you have a reasonable job you still want to enjoy yourself not blow your pay packet on a luxury pad with no money to enjoy it.

So what are the options?

Well, unless you have loads of cash the best solution is to look for a flat share or get a few mates together and search for a flat to rent. if you go it alone then you have all the bills to pay yourself and they do stack up! If you are going to opt to go for a house share check out websites like Gumtree. Before you sign anything, go and meet your potential flat mates. These are the guys you are going to spend a fair amount of time with so it is essential that you’re going to get on with then… at least to a degree!

What Areas should I look at?

If you’re going to do the whole London thing you want to be in at least zone 3.

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NW London

If your thinking or Living in North West London aim for Camden, West Hampstead all the way up to Kensal Rise which is a little cheaper. All of these locations are close to an array of  vibrant bars and night life. You really are in the heart of it here and you’ll surrounded by many other young professionals. The city is only a half hour commute away and there’s lots of green space to take advantage of in the warmer months.

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North London

Islington, for decades this has been a desirable place to live with its central location, easy access to the City and West End and selection of fine restaurants and drinking establishments. Like Camden and West Hampstead it is a bit dearer and the average age of the younger generations is early 30s. Don’t worry though, if you can’t afford the check out the other fantastic locations below.

West London

Lets face it you’re unlikely to be able afford Chelsea or Kensington so your best bet is to head for Hammersmith and Acton area as they are a lot more affordable. You’ll be both close to many swanky bars and restaurants and with a quick journey to get to the West End. The A40 is very accessible from here so if your travelling out of London it won’t take longer to get on the main road out.

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South London

Where else, it has to be Clapham. There are more graduates and young proffessionals living here than anywhere else in London. Why? Because its cheaper than North London and has just as good if not better night life. You’ll find hundreds of house shares here and it won’t break the bank.


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East London

Hoxton and Shoreditch are now established ‘trendy’ areas to live for the cool kids. You cannot be more central here and are literally on the edge of the city. If you love your music, art, quirky bars and curries this is the place for you. Neighbouring town Dalston is very up and coming and offers similar but at a snip of the price.