Roof terraces: add more space and value to your home

If it is a struggle to find extra space in your home then a roof terrace may be the answer.

Extra space is top on most home owners/renters mind when asked what they would change about their property. Unfortunately not everyone can afford to move somewhere larger. The answer to this cramped problem may be as simple as looking upwards.

Roof gardens and terraces can provide you with all the outdoor space you need away from neighbors prying eyes. These projects have come a long way since a few pot plants and what can only be described as a shed on your roof. Today well structured roof terraces not only answer your space issues but can even increase the value of your home.

A recent development in Fulham, west London saw an entire extra floor added by ripping off the existing sloping roof. On this new flat service they structured a slate-clad extension which was big enough for two bedrooms, a bathroom, a study and a 120 sq ft balcony. While this project was not cheap coming in at £150,000 it has been estimated to of added £500,000 to the original value of the property.

See how you could build your own roof terrace

Will I need to get planning permission?
Most landscape architects will say the best answer to this is if you can see your new structure from the road outside then you will need to obtain planning consent.

What else should I know?
It is important that all hand rails must be at least 1.1m high. The surface of your new space must also slop to allow any water to drain.

Can my roof handle all this extra weight?
Do not try to guess this yourself as this could lead to costly damage and even court action. Take the time to hire a structural engineer to assess whether you will need to reinforce your space.

I have a pitched roof, is there still a way I can build a terrace?
The quick answer is yes but, it won’t be easy. Your options available to you are slicing away a section of your existing roof to create a new flat space or bridging a valley roof which will give you an upper deck.

What effect will my new roof terrace have on my house value?
A recent study by a leading building society has found that a terrace can add an impressive 10 per cent to your current home value.

How much will this cost me?
The bigger your terrace the more it is going to cost. Expect to pay a minimum of £5,000 upwards.