How can I Sell My House Online

Whether you are selling your house with a traditional estate agent or an alternative method, 90 percent of properties are searched for online. The days are long gone where sellers would rely on the estate agents shop window and local newspapers to source interested buyers for their properties.

Rightmove is the leading UK Property Portal by a Mile

More properties are sold on Rightmove than any other UK property portal. Zoopla is the second largest UK property portal but according to Google Keyword Tool receives a tenth as much traffic as Rightmove. It is therefore a fairly straight forward observation to make that to have the best chance of selling your property you should ensure that it is listed on Rightmove as some buyers, believe it or not, will only use Rightmove in their search for property.

In my previous post, ‘Can I advertise Privately on Rightmove’ I talked about Rightmove restricting its listings to estate agents only but only briefly talked about online estate agents which are a cheaper alternative.

So how can you sell your property online without incurring high street estate agent costs?

Online estate agents are a relatively new phenomenon but in the last few years their popularity has been increasing rapidly. Most online estate agents  will list your property until sold for a fixed between £300 + vat and £450 + vat. A lot will offer alternative packages such as £50 upfront fee and £1000 on completion, which although is a little more expensive may be preferred by some sellers.

The service provided by an online estate agent does not differ hugely from a high street estate agent. Online estate agents, will take professional photos of your property including a floor plan, field all enquiries from interested buyers, pass on offers and assist in negotiations. The main difference between an online estate agent and a traditional high street estate agent is that online estate agents do not offer assisted viewings. Whilst they will arrange the viewing time and date it is left up to the home owner to conduct the viewing.

Having said that, in my experience it is common practice for high street estate agents to often ask the seller to conduct a viewing in peak times when they do not have an agent available to do so.

Sell your House with My Online Estate Agent

If selling your house with an online estate agent is an option that you are interested then please contact me. My Online Estate Agent lauches its full online estate agent service this month and will list your property on Rightmove, Zoopla, Find a Property and Prime Location for a one off fixed fee!