London’s Shard Pierces Clouds making it the UK’s Highest Apartments

If you are moving to London, you may as well have a bird’s eye view of one of the most historically rich cities in the world via London’s Shard skycraper. As you marvel at the gorgeous views from one of the highest skyscrapers in Western Europe, you will forget any inclement weather conditions that you may experience. In fact, one in every four days, residents of the tower will know what it feels like to be amongst the clouds or above the clouds. The Shard is truly a remarkable place to reside.

Near the London Bridge, residents will find the penthouse suite towering 735 feet about the foundation. This unit is located on the 65th floor of this 1,016 foot or 310 meter architectural wonder. According to AccuWeather Inc., residents may expect the cloud ceiling to be at or below 700 feet for at least an hour 83 days out of 365 each year. The data was compiled by a Pennsylvania-based forecaster over an eight year span that ended in 2010.

According to Stephan Reike, “You’ll definitely have the experience at some point of looking out and only seeing the cloud bank below you, almost like you would in an aircraft.” Stephan Reinke is a London-based architect that was a designer of the 1 kilometer high Nakheel Tower in Dubai. When the 69th floor was constructed in December, The Shard became the U.K.’s tallest building as it scaled heights above the 771 foot tower located at One Canada Square in the Canary Wharf district. The pyramid shaped architectural wonder was funded by the Qatar Central Bank and the Sellar Property Group Ltd. Not only was The Shard designed by the Pritzer Prize-winning architect, Renzo Piano, but also apartments, hotels, offices and other restaurants. Many of his works are located opposite the City of London by the River Thames.


Exceptional Views

According to the WSP Group Plc (WSH), the location of the apartments provide “exceptionally good” views 97 percent annually. This group provides engineering services for The Shard. The Sellar Property commented that residents have a visibility of 44 miles through their floor to ceiling windows on a clear day.

The company’s chairman, Irvine Sellar, commented by email that “Trying to estimate how many days the weather will play a part in what you see misses the point. The weather is part of the joys to be had from the views.”

This 72 story tower will offer 12 apartments to willing buyers according to Sellar spokesperson, Baron Phillips. Though, none of these apartments are for sale, potential buyers are buzzing about the prospect. The Shard, which has twice as much glass as The Gherkin, will be completed in time for the 2012 Olympic Games. Currently, London’s highest apartments are only 490 feet tall and are located in the Elephant and Castle district and the Canary Wharf. The Strata and Pan Peninsula East Tower are known for their unique designs. In fact, many remark that The Strata appears like a lipstick shaped building.


Low Hanging Clouds

According to the AccuWeather’s senior meteorologist, Kristina Pydynowski, “If you have a ceiling at 700 feet, anything above that would be in the clouds. If you have low hanging clouds, they would typically be around for several hours, though that doesn’t necessarily mean the whole day would be covered.”

Currently, the weather service has not collected data on the average cloud density or thickness.

On a brief telephone conversation, Reinke remarked, “The experience of being in a static object above the clouds is quite wonderful, though a lot of people would be quite nervous about something like that.” Reinke is a native Chicago resident that has lived in London for 21 years. He was the great designer behind the Nakheel Tower project that was halted before the real estate market crash in Dubai.