Increased tuition fees impacting Landlords

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It’s not just students feeling the effects of increased tuition fees. Landlord Assist is warning that hikes in university tuition fees will shortly be impacting the business plans of some buy-to-let investors.

University applicants are officially 9% lowers compared to this time last year. According to the University and College Administration Service, the number of applicants has fallen from 76,612 students for 2011 to 69,742 for 2112.

What does this mean for Landlords who depend on students to let their properties?  Unsurprisingly with tuition fees rising to a staggering £9,000 per term, less students are applying to universities. This means demand for accommodation has dropped with current landlords  having to further drop their monthly rental fees in order to attract cash strapped students. What’s more, this hike in tuition fees have seen more students applying to local universities, meaning they can study while living at home – sorry parents, you’ll stuck with them for a little longer!

It is still early days with many believing this surge in tuition fees will have to drop in order for universities to attract future students. Students only make up one part of the rental market with overall demand for property to let still at its highest for over a decade.

If you are a Landlord or student effected by this issue then please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.