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  • Is lack of free time to blame for decline in DIY?

    7 Jan 2015 in Property News by

    DIY stores have been having a hard time of late. Even the mighty Homebase, one of Britian’s biggest DIY chains, has made the decision to close a quarter of its stores due to a massive fall in business. The reason given for this fall by the chief executive of the Home Retail Group, Homebase’s parent… View Article

  • Is December a good time put your property up for sale?

    15 Dec 2014 in Property News by

    The winter months have always been the quietest when it comes to the property market. And, while 2014 will have been the most active year in real estate since 2007, the growth has slowed heading towards the festive period. There have been a couple of reasons for this but that isn’t to say that December… View Article

  • Land Registry report reveals a 19% increase in properties sold for over £1Million

    30 Nov 2014 in Property News by

    There was good news for property millionaires in the latest Land Registry report as it revealed that there had been a 19% increase in sales for those valued at more than £1million. This equated to an increase by 232 completions from July 2013 as the same month this year saw 1,439 deals in England and… View Article

  • Is a studio flat a good investment?

    7 Aug 2014 in Property News by

    With house prices falling and interest rates on new mortgage deals at their lowest level in 23 years, you may be tempted to jump on the property ladder. As the market continues to weaken and prices fall, studio flats become more a more viable option to a wider audience. But is purchasing a studio flat… View Article

  • Value My Property

    1 Aug 2014 in Advice by

    The best way to value your property is to form your own opinion of what your home is worth. By following our steps you will see how to accurately do this and the truth behind estate agent valuations. How does an estate agent value my property? A common misconception is that estate agents have a… View Article

  • Property Development

    29 Jul 2014 in Advice by

    One of the first steps toward profitable property development would be to investigate the area where you would like to purchase real estate. You should also take into consideration the intended market and type of property in which you would like to invest. Investigate the Market Begin by meeting with several local estate agents and… View Article

  • Property Negotiation

    28 Jul 2014 in Advice by

    The first thing that occurs after you find a house you want to buy is that you make an offer to the seller. This may seem self explanatory, but in fact the offer making process is something of an art. A buyer needs skill in negotiating in order to get the best deal on the… View Article

  • Guide to Estate Agent Contracts

    26 Jul 2014 in Advice by

    Types of Estate Agent Contracts There are three main types of estate contracts in the UK property market. These are the sole agent agreement, the sole seller agreement and the multi agent agreement. Sole Agent Agreement The sole agent agreement is the most common type of estate agent contact. A sole agent contract is used… View Article

  • Landlord Tenancy Agreements

    15 Jul 2014 in Advice by

    What is a tenancy agreement? A tenancy agreement is a contract between the landlord and the tenant. It may be written or verbal. The tenancy agreement gives rights to both the landlord and the tenant, for example, the tenant’s right to occupy the accommodation and the landlord’s right to collect rent for letting the accommodation…. View Article

  • 5 Tips to Value Your Home

    11 Jul 2014 in Advice by

    Many homeowners are intimidated by the notion of assessing the value of their home, but it is not nearly as complex as many realtors might make you believe. Any homeowner can evaluate the value of their home simply by following these five simple tips. 1) Compare Your Home with Similar Homes in Your Area There… View Article