UK Housing Market Sees Changes

Jun 7 2011 / No Comments

The monthly house price index, which contains data provided by the Land Registry, has seen a 1.3% drop in average price for England and Wales properties. The sample was taken from April, 2010 to April, 2011. This recent development in the market has decreased the average price value to £163,083 ...

Zoopla launches new TV advertising campaign

May 8 2011 / No Comments

After the great success of Zoopla’s TV advertising campaigns earlier this year, Zoopla has just launched a new TV advertising campaign! The campaign will highlight Zoopla’s key services and unique tools, such as valuations estimations, which many people believe help set Zoopla aside from its main competition, Rightmove, Prime Location and ...

Sellers asking to much for their homes

Apr 19 2011 / 1 Comment

Over optimistic sellers have been asking too much for their properties leaving a trail of unsold homes. In a recent survey it was revealed that sellers increased their asking prices by more than £4,000 in April, this brought the total increase since the beginning of the year to more than £13,000. ...

Roof terraces: add more space and value to your home

Apr 14 2011 / No Comments

If it is a struggle to find extra space in your home then a roof terrace may be the answer. Extra space is top on most home owners/renters mind when asked what they would change about their property. Unfortunately not everyone can afford to move somewhere larger. The answer to this ...

Floating homes – how new green water communities are planned for the future

Apr 11 2011 / No Comments

We live on an island with over 10,000 miles of coastlines and hundreds of rivers, yet we are hesitant to live on the water – until recently. Due to the controversy surrounding more homes edging on the green-belt and high-profile disputes between property builders and residents are leading to developers to ...

The not so humble extension

Apr 11 2011 / No Comments

The average conservatory usually consists of the standard design that was all so common in the 1980s. Just when we thought this glazed rooms were a thing of the past in steps the new minimal extension. The stylish prototype is made up of shiny cubes that now proliferating from the ...

House prices set to fall in 2011

Oct 24 2010 / No Comments

House prices will fall next year, according to the Bank of England, as home loans become harder to secure due to government spending cuts. Huge job cuts in the public sector combined with increased pressure on household budgets announced by the Chancellor are set to make it even harder for buyers ...

Number of Houses on the Market falls

Oct 24 2010 / No Comments

A government survey has shown that the number of new homes being put on the market in the past year has reached a record low. Just 128,680 properties were available to buy during the last year, with this number set to fall further in 2011. Stewart Baseley, executive chairman of the Home ...

Property Valuation

Oct 19 2010 / No Comments

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