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  • Can You Let Your House Out Without a Letting Agent?

    28 Jul 2015 in Advice by

    There’s no rule that you have to use the services of a letting agent when you decide to rent out your property. There are plenty of private landlords who decide to manage everything themselves rather than leave it to a third party. On the other hand, there are those property owners who don’t want to… View Article

  • How to Let Your House Privately

    17 Jul 2015 in Guides by

    If you have a property and want to harness more than just its appreciating value on the housing market, then one area where you can benefit is letting. Most beginners and quite a few hardened landlords do this by going to a reputable agent who can handle all the different legal and administrative aspects including… View Article

  • 2015 Budget Reaction

    9 Jul 2015 in Property News by

    In light of George Osborne’s first all-conservative budget, CEO of My Online Estate Agent, David Grundy takes a look at what it means for the property market. You can read his reaction below:   “Cutting tax relief on buy-to-let mortgage interest is counterproductive. There is always an argument for trying to create a more accessible market… View Article

  • Advice on Selling with Tweens and Teenagers

    9 Jul 2015 in Advice by

    Here at My Online Estate Agent, we recently carried out some research that revealed the most common faux pas and biggest turn-offs committed by people looking to sell their home were untidiness and loud music.   These findings swiftly lead us on to selling your home with tweens (those aged 8-12 years old) and teenagers… View Article

  • How Do Open House Viewings Work?

    30 Jun 2015 in Guides by

    To some it’s a way to make a quick sale, for others it means paying the right price for a property becomes more difficult. Whatever your point of view, open house viewings are increasing in popularity, particularly in inner city areas such as London where property comes at a high premium. The way it works… View Article

  • Should You Sell Your House or Rent it Out?

    26 Jun 2015 in Guides by

    For most people, buying a house represents a significant investment in both time and money and making the most of this profitable asset requires a good deal of thought. Selling your property might be the answer and yield some important capital, especially if you are looking to invest in other areas. Renting out your property,… View Article

  • How Can I Improve the Value of My House?

    22 Jun 2015 in Guides by

    When it comes to selling a property on today’s market, making sure you get the best price is generally a given. Choosing the right estate agent to handle the sale is a start but you also want to make sure that you are presenting your property to potential buyers in the best light possible. If… View Article

  • Yours Magazine Feature

    18 Jun 2015 in Sale Services by

    CEO of My Online Estate Agent, David Grundy was featured in the latest, Yours Magazine. The article titled ‘How To Sell Your Home In A Fortnight’, provided readers with expert quick win tips on how to achieve a fast property sale. ‘Focus on the positive things such as how you’ve loved living there and all of the… View Article

  • Selling Your Property During Pregnancy

    15 Jun 2015 in Advice by

    Finding out that you are expecting the arrival of your first baby is a wonderfully exciting event, but it may also lead you to looking at your current home and finding it lacking. It could be that you currently live in a flat or apartment and now want a house with a garden, or that… View Article

  • The Election Results and Property Market – comment by David Grundy

    13 May 2015 in Press Releases by

    On the election outcome, CEO of My Online Estate Agent, David Grundy, said: “Since the election last week, there has been a definite surge in confidence in the air. Here at My Online Estate Agent, we have seen an influx of instructions post-election as people have been waiting to see the outcome before putting their… View Article