Great Tips to Increase the Value of your Home

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Purchasing a home is not just about finding a place to live; it’s also about selecting the wisest investment you’ll ever make. Choosing the right home improvements can increase your home’s resale value dramatically and savvy homeowners are taking full advantage of it.

My Online Estate Agent is a guide to help show homeowners specific tips on how to increase the value of their homes.

Financial Plan:
Before you begin, focus your attention on a realistic budget and stay within those parameters. This will help you plan on which improvements you should make first and how much potential profit it could generate. A bigger budget doesn’t guarantee a more profitable return on your investment so figure wisely.

Costs of Labour and Materials:
Costs can vary significantly so be sure to shop around for the best deals. Be smart about where you choose to cut costs and what areas you should spend more in. Get recommendations from family and friends on tradespeople who are cost efficient and can get the job done right.

Selecting a Project:
The following are some of the top home improvements that can help generate more money for the value of your home:

Additional Space – A conservatory, loft extension or extra bathroom can increase the square footage of your home and bring you maximum results in your home’s resale value.

Energy Efficient – Providing your home with the latest Energy Performance Certificates can have a major impact on what your home is worth. Upgraded energy efficient boilers, double glazing, or home insulation helps your home stand out from the others and shows the buyer how they can save money on utility bills.

Curb Appeal – The outward appearance of your home is the first impression made on a potential buyer. Be mindful of the condition of your roof, and doors and update any areas that need maintenance.

Garden and Parking – Buyers look for a well-maintained yard and ample off road parking so make sure to utilize your space wisely. Consult with an expert for additional ideas to make your area more enticing.

To ensure that your home sells at the highest price, keep everything neutral. Buyers prefer a home with beige décor and whitewashed walls instead of something loud and obtrusive. A buyer typically chooses a home that feels right to them, where they can make their own memories.

Understand the Market:
Do your homework and get the latest information on the demographics of your neighborhood and think about their preferences. An updated kitchen, open living space or extra bathroom may be the most beneficial in helping you secure the most money for your home.

Avoid the Pitfalls:

Educate yourself on what not to do.