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  • How Do Open House Viewings Work?

    30 Jun 2015 in Guides by

    To some it’s a way to make a quick sale, for others it means paying the right price for a property becomes more difficult. Whatever your point of view, open house viewings are increasing in popularity, particularly in inner city areas such as London where property comes at a high premium. The way it works… View Article

  • Should You Sell Your House or Rent it Out?

    26 Jun 2015 in Guides by

    For most people, buying a house represents a significant investment in both time and money and making the most of this profitable asset requires a good deal of thought. Selling your property might be the answer and yield some important capital, especially if you are looking to invest in other areas. Renting out your property,… View Article

  • How Can I Improve the Value of My House?

    22 Jun 2015 in Guides by

    When it comes to selling a property on today’s market, making sure you get the best price is generally a given. Choosing the right estate agent to handle the sale is a start but you also want to make sure that you are presenting your property to potential buyers in the best light possible. If… View Article

  • Ten Top Tips For Buying Property With Friends

    11 May 2015 in Guides by

    The number of first-time buyers hoping to boost their purchasing power by joining forces with a friend is on the up. In fact, our recent survey showed nearly one in five of us (18%) are considering buddying up to get on the property ladder. Rising house prices and the need for large deposits are behind… View Article

  • The logic and emotion of house buying and selling

    31 Mar 2015 in Guides by

    There are over 1 million property sales in the UK every year. Whilst for some, the buying and selling of property is a business decision, an investment perhaps, for most people emotions will play a big part in the vast majority of these transactions,. So how do you stay logical and rational through the process… View Article

  • Selling property without an estate agent, is it for you?

    23 Mar 2015 in Guides by

    There are over 1 million property sales every year. Traditionally, house sellers have had to use estate agents to manage the sale, but with typical commissions charged of £5000 many people have looked for cheaper alternatives, believing these commissions are very poor value for money. It is possible to sell your house privately, but is… View Article

  • Silver Landlords Warned To Be Wary With Pension Pots

    19 Mar 2015 in Guides by

    Five simple steps to help secure your pension pot This April, changes to the pension reforms will boost the buy-to-let investment property market, as more and more pensioners decide to invest in property to fund their retirement. According to research, 16% of retirees will reinvest in property, adding more fuel to another buy-to-let boom. Many… View Article

  • UK Property Portal Comparison: Rightmove, Zoopla and OnTheMarket

    4 Mar 2015 in Guides by

    Rightmove, Zoopla, OnTheMarket – where do you go to search for houses? Why are there now more online property portals? Founded 15 years ago in the year 2000, Rightmove completely changed the process by which buyers found houses to buy. Before, the only way was to scour local papers and visit estate agent branches, a… View Article

  • Ten Top Tips On Preparing Your House For Viewings

    23 Feb 2015 in Guides by

    It is fascinating what we hear when we ask people how a viewing went – you do have to wonder if the owners were prepared or did they forget about the appointment? Viewings are best conducted by the property owner – they are the people that know the property best, can highlight its major selling… View Article

  • Top Tips for Winter House Viewings

    20 Jan 2015 in Guides by

    House prices grew by 8.3% during 2014 and property market demand continues to look steady as 2015 begins to take shape. With Christmas being paid off, we’re heading into peak season for property sales as people look for a new home in the New Year. However, vendors can find it difficult to highlight their home’s… View Article