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  • Selling Your House Without An Estate Agent

    1 Sep 2015 in Advice by

    With all the resources available to us nowadays, it’s no surprise that some homeowners are looking to circumvent the estate agent and undertake a little DIY house selling instead. Estate agents fees for finding a buyer for your property generally run into the thousands with many taking as much as 1.8% of the sale price…. View Article

  • How To Sell Your House Fast In A Slow Market

    26 Aug 2015 in Advice by

    Whilst house buyers often wrestle with the problem of finding the right home and a mortgage, property sellers at the moment are having to cope with a slow market that means a fast sale is pretty difficult to achieve. Even in the current environment, however, there are some key ways in which you can boost… View Article

  • Get Cosy with the Home Interiors Trends this Autumn/Winter 2015

    24 Aug 2015 in Advice by

    If you’re lucky enough to have found your dream pad – whether it’s rented or bought – then issues such as the colour of your tea/coffee canisters, how textured the cushions are and whether or not John Lewis or Marks & Spencer is best for bed linen are suddenly about to become sooooo important. And… View Article

  • Advice on Becoming a Silver Landlord

    21 Aug 2015 in Advice by

    With the introduction of new pension rules that give us all more control over how we handle our money in retirement, one area people are seriously considering investing in is the property market, particularly buy to let. On the surface it appears a win-win situation with income being derived from monthly rental fees and the… View Article

  • Empty Nesters

    17 Aug 2015 in Advice by

    If your children have grown up and left home, at some stage it may hit you that:   Your home is now too big for you and is costly to maintain and run – so downsizing may give you a more comfortable lifestyle by reducing bills and maintenance costs. Now you are free of responsibilities,… View Article

  • Get Clever with Colour for an Easy House Sale

    3 Aug 2015 in Advice by

    We’ve been told for years now by TV property pundits such as the ubiquitous Kirsty & Phil or the delectable Sarah Beeney that the best way to sell our home here in the UK is to de-clutter and give it a ‘neutral’ make over.   With regards to the last point they mean cover up… View Article

  • Can You Let Your House Out Without a Letting Agent?

    28 Jul 2015 in Advice by

    There’s no rule that you have to use the services of a letting agent when you decide to rent out your property. There are plenty of private landlords who decide to manage everything themselves rather than leave it to a third party. On the other hand, there are those property owners who don’t want to… View Article

  • Advice on Selling with Tweens and Teenagers

    9 Jul 2015 in Advice by

    Here at My Online Estate Agent, we recently carried out some research that revealed the most common faux pas and biggest turn-offs committed by people looking to sell their home were untidiness and loud music.   These findings swiftly lead us on to selling your home with tweens (those aged 8-12 years old) and teenagers… View Article

  • Selling Your Property During Pregnancy

    15 Jun 2015 in Advice by

    Finding out that you are expecting the arrival of your first baby is a wonderfully exciting event, but it may also lead you to looking at your current home and finding it lacking. It could be that you currently live in a flat or apartment and now want a house with a garden, or that… View Article

  • Value My Property

    1 Aug 2014 in Advice by

    The best way to value your property is to form your own opinion of what your home is worth. By following our steps you will see how to accurately do this and the truth behind estate agent valuations. How does an estate agent value my property? A common misconception is that estate agents have a… View Article