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  • Essential Tips for First Time Landlords

    5 Mar 2012 in Guides by

    Landlords can reap the benefits of owning an investment property both financially and personally, however, being successful at letting out property usually requires a number of key factors. By not comprehending these important issues, your investment will most likely fail and you could end up on the losing end of what could have been a… View Article

  • Great Tips to Increase the Value of your Home

    3 Mar 2012 in Guides by

    Purchasing a home is not just about finding a place to live; it’s also about selecting the wisest investment you’ll ever make. Choosing the right home improvements can increase your home’s resale value dramatically and savvy homeowners are taking full advantage of it. My Online Estate Agent is a guide to help show homeowners specific… View Article

  • The Real Cost Involved in the Sale of a Property

    1 Mar 2012 in Guides by

    Most sellers can expect to make a tidy sum selling their property in today’s strong housing market. There may be a price to pay before you begin to harvest your rewards however. 1. Energy Performance Certificate: Sellers are now required to provide the prospective buyer with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). Consult the fact sheet… View Article